SPARE PARTS: The charging port on many models is also common for headphones. Depending on the model, the charging port is either glued to the logic board or is a separate subboard. If your device does not charge at all or the charger does not touch well (intermittent charging) and after you first check that the charger works normally on another device then you should visit our store to check your device and your charger.

REPAIR: To change the charging port, the device needs to be placed in a special machine for detaching the back cover so as to exclude the possibility of any abrasions on the mobile phone or damage that can be caused when opening with various sharp objects. Click here to watch the relevant video

When we finish the repair, before we start reassembling the device, we must first replace all the self-adhesive parts (flanges, rubber bands, etc.) with new ones. Then we will place the device in a special pressure-controlled press for a specific time in order to achieve the sealing of the device. Click here to watch the relevant video

REPAIR TIME: It takes about 1 hour to change the charging port and final check the correct operation of 20 points.


A) For devices under warranty: If your device is covered by the Honor two-year warranty and the device does not show obvious signs caused by improper use of the mobile phone, then the repair is completely free.

B) For devices without warranty: If the warranty of your device has expired or the device has obvious signs of misuse then the repair is out of warranty. After the repair in the exclusive Honor store, your device has a warranty for the rest of the two-year warranty period, or if the warranty has expired, then you have a one-year warranty and a lifetime warranty for the specific spare part only.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Only in the exclusive Honor store are you sure of the authenticity of the spare part and that the repair was done according to the company specifications.

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