Payment methods

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

1) Cash on delivery

The products are sent by courier and you pay the price upon receipt.

For deliveries within Greece and under € 50, the shipping cost is € 5, regardless of the delivery location, without any additional charge for the cash on delivery service.

2) Deposit in a Bank Account

You can pay for your order through a bank account, bank charges are always borne by the depositor. For your best service, please give the bank as an excuse the Order Number that will appear after you complete your order. Then please send the proof of deposit by e-mail to

The bank accounts to which you can deposit the money are:

Alpha Bank IBAN : GR77 0140 2060 2060 0200 2001 697

Eurobank IBAN : GR86 0260 1020 0001 6020 0907 916

National Bank IBAN : GR86 0110 1820 0000 1820 0299 040

Beneficiary: PROCORDIA IKE

VERY IMPORTANT: As a reason, write your name / surname or the reference number of your order.

The deposit of money must have been completed within 3 (three) working days from the date of the order. In any other case the order will be deleted from our system. Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment.

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